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Image by Annie Spratt

Our Approach to Marketing

There is a difference between knowing something and knowing the name of something

Richard Feynman

In a world where everyone and their grandma consider themselves digital marketers, Feynman’s words ring so true.

So many people must have reached out to you, that agency who is giving a cheap website, that “eager to advise cousin” who has a youtube channel, that neighbour who has a thousand followers on Instagram. In fact, you yourself love to watch digital marketing videos, build simple websites, read blogs, join Facebook groups and might have even run some successful ads!

Image by Eliott Reyna

But let me assure you they are not digital marketers. And neither are you!

Don’t believe me?

Try to answer 3 simple questions, or better yet, have your agency or consultant answer it:

Are you consistently generating sales from your marketing activities?

Are you absolutely certain which marketing activities are working for you?

How adaptable is your marketing strategy?

If you can’t generate

specific - measurable - repeatable and actionable results

you are spraying & praying, hoping for things to work.

And your agency, your consultant or your cousin is taking you for the “proverbial” ride.

Now is the time to take action & call out the ‘bull #$%’ in digital marketing. 

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