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Helping you overcome your digital marketing and product challenges using a custom service model

Whether you are a start-up, a fast-growing company, or an established brand the best business strategy POST COVID, is one that is lean and adaptable.

Ignoring the competition might have worked for Steve but digging moats and building bridges are as important to today's businesses as they were to emperors back in the day. We help you generate more revenue by identifying the right marketing channels, organizing your inbound and outbound efforts, building a robust product strategy, and optimizing your marketing spends using four service offerings covering key stages of customer life-cycle.


Build Successful Products 

Mobile Applications on iOS, Android
Web Applications
Features for MVP
Product Specifications & Strategy
Product Roadmap


Acquire the Right Customers

Website Design & Development
Marketing Videos
Campaign Planning

Paid Search Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Remarketing Ads

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Convert your Target Persona

Digital Marketing Strategy
Tags & Analytics Configuration
Conversion Rate Optimization
UI & UX Design
Buyer Persona
Local SEO

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Engage your Audience

Content Strategy
Nurturing Programs
Social Media Marketing
Content for Website, Blogs, Social Media, Emails, Whitepapers, Newsletters

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  • What is the cost of these services?
    Our Build package starts at USD 2000. That is the typical starting range for most of our packages. Our monthly retainers cost lesser than our project packages. Monthly retainers start from 3 months and are up to 12 months at a time. We do not sign retainers for more than 12 months or less than 3 months. Retainers will give you 10 to 20% savings on recurring cost.
  • Can I buy multiple packages at a time? I want to get leads while I continue to  redesign my site & engage my followers?
    Yes! you can do that. In fact that is what we recommend. If you have multiple requests you would most likely fall into several packages at a time - attract, engage or convert. In this case we will develop a long term game plan with you and work with your marketing & business stakeholders to priortize projects. We will then develop a project plan and upload it to a tool of your choice - Basecamp, Monday, Jira. So that we are always on the same page. We will charge you for each project unit and use the performance data from each project to take decisions on the next one.
  • I already have an in-house marketing team that I trust. How would you work with them?
    That's great. Marketers love talking to marketers, we are a tight group :-) This greatly impacts the decision times as your in-house marketing team can get us the approvals we need to move ahead much faster than us. We also save time in explaining technical concepts (think funnel tracking through Google Tag Manager) to leaders who want to focus on business. This lets us deliver faster. Whether you are just setting up a marketing team or already have an existing one we will work as your extended team, your reliable partners who you can reach out to anytime you face a technical or strategic challenge. Dont forget to ask us about our BOT (build, operate, transfer) model where we train your marketing team on best practices.

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