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Our Approach

To Building Successful Products


There are two ways to build products – Inside Out & Outside In.

Outside In

Starts with market research – you chose your domain and evaluate the market and the competitive landscape to figure out what is currently out there and what are the barriers to entry. You check your Magic Quadrants, ask your mentors, talk with your board, discuss with your network, attend tech conferences and check with Industry thought-leaders - to develop a comprehensive market assessment study. This document tells you about the leading products, niches, features, gaps, and margins. This is the business school way of doing things.

Inside Out

Usually starts during a brainstorming discussion during a team outing when all your employees are relaxed and openly throwing ideas, even the crazy ones. The customer success team shares its recurring issue and their thoughts on what would be most helpful. The operations team pitches in and the tech team gets fired up that they can build this. Everyone seems to be in on the idea, but when you go back to your office the next Monday you are not as confident about it as you were in the company retreat. The tech team suggests a hackathon, but you feel it's too early for that. So, what do you do?


This is where we come in. 

We believe that the best products live between both worlds of Outside In & Inside Out. They spawn from a simple request by a team member trying to solve a client's pain point, to scale or to improve operational efficiency. They start from the Inside and get validated by the Outside. 

Advantages to Our Approach:

We break down your internal processes into their most basic components and give you a list of potential automation that will improve your operational efficiency.


We survey your existing clients and prospects to understand their pain points. 


We provide a market assessment study in collaboration with leading Market Research institutions and competitive analysis, so you have a clear picture of the market. 


We speak to your internal team members to understand their side of the story and prepare a feature Wishlist that will make their lives easier.


And finally, we analyse the entire data from this exercise to give you the specs of your next product that lives in that sweet spot between Outside-In & Inside-out.

Product Strategy Consulting Services

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