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In a dynamic and fluid world where the economic, technological & political landscape is constantly changing, the needs of your customers are evolving faster than ever. 

Covid-19 has shown us that no busines, no matter how profitable presently, is insulated from the long-lasting impact of events beyond our control. This has led organizations of all sizes to rethink their offerings and ushered in a culture of innovation.

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You not only need to stay up to date with the latest technological, economic & political shifts but also need to keep tuning your products and services to match the needs these shifts give rise to. At Panaromix Consulting, we help you achieve this transformation by:

Understanding your competitive landscape and doing a rigorous market assessment study, so you build the right thing.

Testing your product ideas and business assumptions in a data driven analytical way so you prioritize what matters most, now.

Aligning your product and delivery teams to optimize delivery, enhance efficiency & implement a culture of continuous innovation.

Unlocking your organization's true business potential by Rethinking your core offerings.

How we Do this?

Defining Your Product Strategy

If you are a services company that has a brilliant idea for productizing your solution, or a business that wants to go to the next level by building a product on your core expertise, or a company that wants to improve its business operations by automating certain processes – our product strategy service is a great fit for you.

Product Strategy Consulting

What we do?

We will analyse your target market, assess your competitors, analyse your internal processes, explore your ideas, understand your user needs and give you the features for a Minimum Viable Product.  Each business is unique and our process driven approach helps us build a product strategy that is customized to your business. This helps you build something that addresses an important gap in the market. 

What will you get?

  • Market Research & Risk Assessment Report

  • Feature Table for A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • Product Mock-Ups & Wireframes 

  • Product Strategy Document

  • Product Specifications 

  • Product Success Metrics & Tracking Setup 

  • Product Roadmap For Project Management


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