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Driving Value by Asking the Right Questions

Since 2014 we have worked with start-ups and corporate innovation labs to create scalable solutions and value for their organizations.

Over 70% of our customers have seen double-digit growth in their revenue within a year of implementing our strategies.

We have only one objective. To help you achieve your business goal. And we have only one way to do it. By asking the right questions.

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PC helped us with our brand segmentation, targeting and positioning along with a Gotomarket Strategy for launching our services in India. Since then we have worked on lead generation, content marketing and CRM. I highly recommend Panaromix Consulting. 

Executive Director at a Singapore headquartered Global Real Estate firm

The core value that PC adds to our business is problem solving. You will find many digital marketing agencies that promise the moon and over the last decade we have worked with a lot of them, but where they fail is in seeing the big picture. PC spends the first few weeks in just getting deeper into your core problem and then telling you specifically whether you have a marketing problem, a product problem or a process problem. This is what makes them unique and their approach more like a Doctor rather than a typical marketer. 

Founder & CEO of Asia's fastest growing analytics company 

For us the eye opener was realising that we didn't need to waste 9 months on a SEO program that all other agencies were selling. Panaromix Consulting gave us a complimentary cost benefit analysis, that showed us that the money we spend on ads is going to have a much higher return than the time/money we waste on doing SEO. The icing on the cake was when they agreed to work with our internal marketing team rather than thinking about replacing them. It's been a pleasure working with PC.

Founder and Director ,

A Global HR consulting firm 

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